wearable arts collage

Jambo Arts presents
Wearable Arts
Competition for the April 11, 2014 Exhibition

People's Choice Award Winner
Judges Overall Winner

Kimberly Matthew
for her wearable art piece 'Be Classy Not Trashy'
worn by model by Naomi George

Kimberly designed and created this piece from duct tape, trash bags, soda cans, chip bags, gum wrappers, popcorn boxes, kool aid boxes, paper, tape and staples.

Kimberly wanted to show a piece which demonstrated her idea: "caring enough to recycle to make a better environment, the highest class anyone can attain."

Congratulations Kimberly & Naomi.

Judges Recognition Award

Jay-aHr Fulo
in particular for the wearable art piece 'Touch Me'
worn by model Ezza Bella Fobar

Jay-sHr Fulo

This piece was made from purple rubber gloves. Jay-aHr says "It signifies the importance of cooperation and teamwork. We need each hand to build a good community by recycling, following rules for the better and we need a hand to be more creative for a good future".

Congratulations to Jay-aHr & Ezza Bella.