Jambo Arts 9th Semi-Annual Mixed-Media Exhibition
"Be more Pacific - Lukukkukin Dri Pacific"
Fricay, December 12, 2014
Venue: Bokanake (RRE Picnic Area)

10am - 3 pm : open to public and school visits
6pm - 11pm : open to public, island formal opening with live entertainment

Photography Competition

Winners of Jambo Arts Photograhy Competition


by Alvin Page
(teacher Coop)


"Sunset Point"
by Chris Hayden
(World Teach volunteer)


"Bamle in Majol"
by MicheaLoveDiaz
(from Ebeye)

Out of the box

by Angela Saunders

Outside RMI

"Look at the help Vanuatu"
by Becky Lathrop

Junior Jambo

"Breadfruit Cook"
by Beyolani Hazzard

People's Choice award

First place

by Labbo

Second place

"Rising Tide"
by Karen Earnshaw

Third place

"Ledrik in Majol"
by MicheaLoveDiaz