Jambo Arts 16th Mixed-Media Exhibition

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Venue: MIR Poolside
Time : 7pm

Wearable Arats Contest Winners

Think Pink

  1. Model: Barbara de Brum. Artists: Yoshiko Capelle, Angela Saunders, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner. Prize: Sewing Machine and $200 cash
  2. Model: Carnie Reimers Artist: Gloria de Brum Kabua Prize: $100 Gift certificate and $100 cash
  3. Model: Nia & Barwa. Artist: Nika Wase. Prize: $200 cash


  1. Model: Mika Capelle. Artist: Yoshiko Capelle. Prize: Sewing machine and $200 cash
  2. Model: Kyri. Artist: Nika Wase. Prize: $100 Gift Certificate and $100 cash

Trash to Flash

  1. Model: Romana Artist: Cindy Huang Prize: Sewing machine and $200 cash
  2. Model: Bale TikoiniusiladiMaitokana Artist: Team Maiokana Prize: $100 gift certificate and $100 cash
  3. Model: Sellyann Jamore. Artist: XinTon “Sunny”. Prize: $100 cash

Special Prizes

  1. Best Head to Toe outfit: Model:  Artists: MIHS Group Prize: $100 cash plus $200 gift certificate
  2. 2nd place Head to Toe outfit: Model:   Artist: Maria Palua. Prize: $100 cash
  3. Best Model: Paulini Maitokaa Artist: Team Maitokana Prize: $ 100 cash