About Jambo Arts


A non-profit community arts organization fostering creativity in the Marshall Islands and abroad, made sustainable by fundraising, grants, and benefactors.


  • To provide emerging artists an environment to create and present their work, and also space to learn and better their craft.
  • To provide artists exhibition, teaching and learning opportunities, as well as access to a support network.
  • To provide creative youth outreach programs to stimulate creativity and enhance leadership.
  • To provide the general public with opportunities to participate in artistic activities and to give them exposure to the work of local and international artists.
  • To provide a network of multi-disciplinary artists, students, and benefactors an environment that facilitates the achievement of professional and personal goals pertaining to creativity, diversity, and innovation.

Core Values

  • All people have a right to express themselves creatively and should be encouraged to learn about and develop their creativity.
  • All people have a right to a safe place where freedom of expression is realized in an environment free of discrimination and in accordance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights (http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/).
  • People with limited access to creating arts and crafts should be provided with opportunities to explore and enjoy these activities without barriers.
  • Creativity contributes to wellbeing.
  • Arts and crafts enrich society.
  • Collaboration serves as a catalyst to enrich arts and crafts.